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Health is Wealth. Peace of Mind is Happiness
Take One Step at a Time Towards 
Radiant Health and Self Realization
You Deserve to be Healthy and Happy. 
Discover The Simple yet powerful principles to 
Redesign your life with your vision. 
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Stop Suffering, Remove Pain from your life
Learn and practice the time proven Technics that lead people around the world, to Radiant Health and Self Realization, from Ancient times to our times. Take control of yours and your family's state of  health, happiness and well-being  
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OM EinDor Berov
Ready to make a real and long lasting positive change in your life? 
Ready to take complete charge and responsibility for your Health, Happiness and Well-Being?
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Take care of your MIND
Concentration and Meditation: 
Focus on one thing succeed in everything 

Learn to master the
restless mind and direct your attention to your true nature. 
Experience that inner power of peace, love, and joy and create miracles in your daily life.

Positive Thinking: Train your mind 
to drive your life to your desired destination

Learn How to use your mind’s creative power to your advantage.
Learn to utilize your thought power to manifest and have anything you want.

Take care of your BODY
The Art of Relaxation: 
Stay centered and calm under all circumstances 

Relaxation is Nature’s way of rejuvenation. Learn how to stay relaxed throughout
the waves of life. Conserve energy, work efficiently and experiences peace.

Healing with Raw Foods:
 Cooking workshop and dinner

Learn to Self-Heal with delicious raw food meals. Prepare and eat a Vegan Living food meal that is nourishing and well balanced. Learn hands on about the Raw alkaline diet; a diet that keeps your body light and supple, your mind calm and sharp and your vision clear. A diet that boost your immune system and gives your body the greatest natural resistance to any disease. Learn to use food as medicine.

Yoga and Pranayama class

Yoga Asanas keeps your body and particularly your spine, flexible. Increase circulation.Improves muscle tone. strengthen your nervous system.Corrects hormonal imbalances.Detoxify the lymph system and so much more. 

Pranayama Balances the flow of life's energy (force) within you, it cleanses mental and physical impurities and prepares the mind for concentration and meditation.

Take care of your SPIRIT
Benefits of Karma Yoga:
From Self-service to Selfless service:

Develop equal vision, love, tolerance, adaptability, and courage. 
Service without expectation sets you free from the attachments to the fruits of your actions.
The sure and shortest way to happiness.

The Power of Prayer 
Living in the presence...

How to always be connected to the divine within you.
How to live life in the presence of GOD regardless of the present of time.

Full and Mini Training Retreats
Signature Yoga Retreat
Meditation Retreat
Weight-loss cleansing Retreat
Raw Chef 
All of Kauai retreats training programs, include Yoga classes, Meditation (Satsang), a vegan raw alkaline diet menu, educational / inspirational workshops speakers and entertainers. Kauai retreats training programs are designed for optimum cleansing, nourishing and nurturing of your body, mind and spirit. 
7 days Group Training retreats
  • Signature Yoga Retreats
  • Meditation Retreats
  • Weight-loss and Cleansing Retreats
  • Raw Chef Certificate, Retreat
One day retreats
Open to All

All one day retreats include Raw foods, Yoga class, meditation and a workshop

  • Sadhana intensive
  • Juice fasting 
Privet retreats

If you like to immerse yourself inthe practice of yoga and vedanta and have a dedicated teacher supervision please contact us.  You are welcome to bring a partner or create a privet group retreat 

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